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For several years, Rick Tonkinson burned the candle at both ends. Rick worked as a trust officer for a large national bank during the day and attended school at night to earn two Master’s degrees. Every week he took time to take a walk around the neighborhood with his young son, as a way to talk about life, school, work, and family. During one of these walks, when Rick had just celebrated earning his CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERTM professional designation, 12-year-old Steven asked if now, having learned so much, his dad would share his awesome new skills and knowledge with friends and neighbors. A lightbulb went off...not happy with his job at the bank with their high minimums and unable to help regular folks like his neighbors or himself, the idea of becoming an independent financial advisor helping working people in his community was born. That idea, sparked by a father and son going on a walk, became Tonkinson Financial, an independent, family-owned financial advisory firm with over 30 years of helping individuals and families achieve their financial goals.


Wealth isn't a finish line, it's a mindset.


We serve good people.

We make comfortable and quality advising available to our whole community. Our proactiveness means we help everyone who wants our advice.  


Make it mean something. 

Seek to make the most of your time and efforts. We will show you how to make what you earned work smarter for you. 


It comes down to decisions.

Income doesn't guarantee or preclude wealth—decisions do. We’ll guide you to understand and commit to choices that help build wealth.

We are with you for now
and beyond. 

Meet the Team 


Giving back is an integral part of the Tonkinson team.

For many of our clients, giving back is very important. We love to celebrate, elevate, and support the movements and organizations you care about. So far, we’ve donated to over 100 charities of our clients’ choosing, and showcase client volunteer efforts in our newsletter.


The Tonkinson Foundation

Through our foundation we aim to make communities more inclusive by creating positive change through our efforts.


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Disaster Relief






Community Service